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Where did the name “RED JONES ” come from?

We made it up. But ... it’s a name derived at the thought of an American homebrew craftsman, an old dude with great tools and an attitude who has a deep understanding for hand building anything within his vision with the care and attention something worth having deserves.

Do you have amplifiers in stock?

Occasionally. From time to time we may have one or two of the varieties you see listed on this site in stock but virtually everything we build is made-to-order so we seldom have finished amplifiers waiting around to be bought.

What type of warranty do you offer?

Our relationship with our clients dictates that we strive for complete customer satisfaction and our amplifiers come with a limited lifetime warranty to the original owner. This warranty covers defects in materials and original workmanship but does NOT cover repairs or service required by normal use or wear, accident, abuse, neglect, or damages due to exposure to extremes.

How will you ship my amp?

Shipping is always the responsibility of the owner. We recommend insuring shipped amplifiers for their full replacement value. We recommend that you ship your amplifier with FedEx. We do NOT recommend shipping with UPS under any circumstances.

Can you build a custom amp for me?

All of our models are available for certain specific custom modifications per customer request upon mutual agreement. Each of our amps is unique, and might be considered custom as soon as we start building one. Please note that extra features will require additional charges.

What tubes should I use?

All of our amplifiers are built with the use of high quality NOS tubes in mind. Due to the expense, and sometimes limited supply, of appropriate tubes, it is suggested that thoroughly tested new production units be installed as a last resort when the time comes to replace your tubes. We may be able to help you source tubes in many cases.

What finish do you use on Red Jones amplifiers?

Our amplifier cabinets and speaker enclosures are built from very high grade timbers at great expense. Because of this, our philosophy is simple. We want that wood to breathe so we hand rub several coats of top grade finishing oil in to protect the wood and allow it to breathe. We also recommend that, as with any fine acoustic instrument, you use a hygrometer to keep track of air moisture. All of our products come with a heavy duty cover designed to provide an attractive but tough protective shield against scarring, cuffing, nicks and dents.

How should I clean my amp?

Do not use chemicals, abrasives or synthetic polishes. A fine lint free cloth is most suitable and due to the nature of the fine woods used, soaps and waxes aren't recommended. We supply a small container of the oil we use to help preserve the finish while utilizing its limited cleansing effect for minor surface residue.



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