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Red Jones amplifiers and cabinetry are built with equal measures of finesse and passion. The very high quality approach we bring to our products demands that the finest resources and components we can find will be used to insure first our, and then your, complete satisfaction with a product that exceeds your expectations.

Our philosophy is our mission: to strive to keep our circuits simple, using as few parts in the signal path as possible to achieve sonic accuracy and an open sound that has to be heard to understand and feel. The unique "acoustic soundboard" approach to our speaker baffle design is another area we are very happy with, and one that sets us apart from other builders. The sonic result is very gratifying, and resonant with a projection and response that is wonderful and soothing to the ear.

Our cabinets are built from some of the most beautiful hardwoods available in the world today, painstakingly fitted by hand, using extremely precise razor-sharp cutting tools. Our cabinetry features dovetailed joints that are artistically implemented with an eyecatching appeal that is as beautiful and aesthetic as it is strong. In addition, some of the parts used in the construction of our amplifiers, like our handles and clasps, are hand made in-house, one at a time by us.

We don't scrimp on the electronic components either. The resistors used in the audio circuits are all new old stock 1 watt Allen Bradley carbon composition types. The transformers are custom manufactured by Mercury Magnetics and Heyboer to our specifications, and we feature the Celestion Alnico Gold series speakers as standard equipment. Other speaker types are available by request.

Each component in our designs is equally important, from the input jack to the speaker. Every aspect of our products is designed with one goal: the sound issuing forth from the speaker must provide a foundation for your musical integrity and every note will be an event that stimulates your inner soul.




"Billy testing a brand-new amp headed for NAMM '12"


Billy Yates

Billy Yates is a veteran guitarist and vacuum tube electronics specialist who has spent decades honing his craft. Billy's considerable experience performing on the road and in the studio has taught him a lot about what works and, most importantly, what doesn't work. He discovered the truth about getting good sound through simplicity and common sense.  His work with some of the greats in the music industry has also given him an edge in this understanding and allows him the luxury of knowing what to do and how to do it while remaining open to innovation and never being satisfied until the client is satisfied.

Trial and error is the mother of reinvention. Keep refining until you get it right. These are his tenets in achieving great tone, coupled with quality craftsmanship.

Billy Yates is entirely committed to these principles.


Todd Pflug

Working with wood comes naturally to Todd. His family has a background in fine woodworking dating back to their roots in Europe. His love of music has created his insatiable drive to produce cabinetry of exemplary craftsmanship that is tailored to the needs of discerning guitarists. His attention to detail is as obvious as his eye for choosing spectacular pairings of exotic species of hardwoods that you see pictured throughout this website. It was his idea to use the "Acoustic Guitar Soundboard" principle applied to the speaker baffle. Using very high quality spruce and cedar for this application has given the Red Jones amplifiers their distinctive tone and personality coupled with the warm resonance that beautiful select hardwoods can provide. His intense desire to perfect the art of cabinetry is your assurance of quality, value and excellent sound.


About our logo

Our logo is derived from the original acceptance stamps found on parts manufactured for the North American B-25 Mitchell bomber of WWII. It depicts the outline of the "Phoenix" or "Thunderbird," as we call it.

This is a powerful symbol of strength and grace, both of which embody Red Jones products.


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